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ITS a lifestyle




Learn. Practice. Improve.

Every once in a while, an opportunity arises to create something special. Something that to its very core makes you part of it. Even at the cellular level. An undeniable belief of something pure and strong. For us this means innovating through our passion as we pioneer change into everything we touch. It’s how we think and interact with our community that creates our relentless drive to improve and support knowledge transfer.

We blend revolutionary equipment with passionate professionals to design a space unlike any other. Meticulous development went into each individual space to create its own unique experience. We strive to bring value, to pioneer change, and nurture innovation through thoughtful, kind and inspiring ways. Built around the principles of health and wellness the simplicity of our facility is powered by talented individuals and custom crafted tools. No detail is too small. None of this is easy but responsibility requires more than talk. It requires action. Action to deliver on commitment.

We have a unique opportunity to create something amazing right from the start. Our equipment perfects artistry and engineering – evoking images of powerful, purring luxury vehicles. Striking exteriors include brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminum surfaces. Underneath, robust steel frameworks and motors, engineered to give users a sense of confidence and well-being during their workouts. Born from all that inspires us and bred for lasting beauty and performance, United by Wellness is fitness evolved.

We have created our own path to lead by example. Industry leaders choose to partner with us because we consider the future in all we do. Quality of life and health is paramount. Our collective knowledge and forward-thinking mentality delivers a transcending experience.

Let’s start with our selves and strive to create the change. Every once in a while, the opportunity is presented to do something special. Something the right way from the beginning. Here in this place, is your time. So go ahead, take a deep breath and get ready to start your journey.

We are United by Wellness.


When you sign up with United by Wellness you’re not just getting a membership to a gym — you’re investing in a healthy life. We’re not about faceless interaction. We believe in individual attention, providing exceptional motivation, and supporting a healthy community. Become United by Wellness today!

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Our hair salon offers the best full salon and barber services in downtown Edmonton. Our team of professional hairstylists and barbers will have you looking your best.


We offer a wide range of professional services including everything from deep tissue massages to laser hair removal and photofacials. Relax and rejuvenate in our quiet and relaxing spa rooms, you’ve earned it.


Enjoy the look of being sun kissed all year round with our tanning services. Use our UV Stand-Up Bed and Auto Revolution Spray Tan Machine to achieve the perfect glow.


On-site we have the best personal trainers and fitness professionals in the Edmonton region at your disposal to help you achieve your fitness goals and help you stay on track.


80% of your fitness goals whether you are looking to bulk up or shave off a couple pounds are achieved in the kitchen. With over 1500+ healthy options to choose from you will never get bored with your food options.


Purchase your favourite protein powders, meal replacements, supplements, and beauty products at the club or online. Your favourite items are always in stock, can be quickly shipped to your house, and with our rewards program you’ll receive points for all your purchases.


It is not every day that you get to work with amazing people like ours in a culture that breeds success. Our passionate team is determined to deliver innovative ideas by creating an environment for like-minded individuals to grow and succeed. We empower communications, transparency and growth.

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“The solutions we create today can change the world tomorrow.”

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Calling All Ambassadors
We are all about giving back to our community and to those who have helped us become great. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and it does not go unrecognized. We created an ambassador program to give back to those who have given us so much, our people.

If this is you, please apply below!

Become an Ambassador

We're all about the Y

“Those that we inspire are taught by us to lead.”

We have a unique opportunity to forge a team of like-minded individuals to create an environment that fosters creativity and growth. The goal is to utilize our unique individual strengths utilzing our proven formulas to inspire community.

Join a team of diverse forward thinkers dedicated to growing communities by providing mentorship and first-hand experiences.

  • Facility Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Personal Trainers
  • Beauty Technicians
  • Class Instructors
Apply Online

Our team represents highly skillful and successful individuals with a cumulative of over three decades of hands-on achievements and experience. Each member of the team has a diverse assortment of talents and brings something different to the table that creates an unparalleled level of synergy. They are all connected by their passion for their craft, their commitment to greatness and their unmatched drive to help grow the communities.

Using our experience, we created an integrated ecosystem that yields attractive profit margins, efficient operations and long-term sustainability. Our diverse share class options create unique ways to become an equity partner in our opportunities.

  • Capital Investment
  • Financing packages
  • Labour for equity
  • Corporate Directors
  • Owner-operators
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Come down to our facility and check it out for yourself. We are located on the second floor above The Pint and Hudsons on 104 St and Jasper Ave.  Our facility can be accessed directly from to South elevator of our underground parking lot.

    Unit 201 (2nd floor) 10125, 109 St NW
    Edmonton, AB
    T5J 3M5

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